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Welcome to visit BEAUTOPIA website!
BEAUTOPIA is manufacturing company specializing in Scalp Clinic field.
For 20 years, we have been supplying Digital Beauty Scope for Scalp & Skin observation on salon type.

In 1998, BEAUTOPIA succeeded in developing a magnification of 800 lens in the world's 1st.
In the 2000s, we've launched “Scalpmaster” which is intensive care equipment for Scalp & Skin treatment and Scalp clinic solution, “TOPROS”.
Currently, BEAUTOPIA hereby launched “hairpia”, Charcoal Perm Rod which is composed of 100% Natural charcoal and adhesive material was very well-received by market.

Now and for ever, BEAUTOPIA will do our utmost to satisfy our customers with developing high quality products and contributing to make beautiful world as a representative of beauty clinic company!